About OpenSpaceData

The project

The 12 Copernicus satellites of ESA alone deliver 250 TB of data per day. The problem: Often, technical (APIs) and professional knowledge (determination of sensors, specific parameters, etc.) is needed to retrieve data. OpenSpaceData is intended to provide easy access to this socially relevant information. This ensures that everyone - citizen or NGO - can classify events independently.

This community-driven* project aims to provide a search tool that makes it easier for everyone to find data, regardless of technical or professional knowledge. To this end, openly available satellite data, such as those of European Space Agendy (ESA), will be centralized on OpenSpaceData to facilitate access to them via a simple search mask. It translates the user’s need into the appropriate parameters of the satellite program.

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*Everything we do is open-source and free to use and share for everyone.

Our Mission

We believe that open satellite data should be accessible to everyone - without barriers. We want to help people get easy access to open satellite data and empower them to draw the right insights.

Read more about the importance of openly available Earth observation data on reset.org.

Satellite data is only for experts?

Nope, with this project, we are explicitly not addressing developers or scientists. We want to offer something specifically for non-specialist users. So, many more people can benefit from them.

We will provide examples and libraries with which you can quickly get started without becoming an expert in the analysis of satellite data. More information on how you can use OpenSpaceData.org for you and your cause will follow.

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